Monday, May 11, 2009

Final (unintentional) Fantasy Tactics

Hey there everyone. Hope you all had a good Mother's Day weekend.

I had a very good one, and thanks to everyone who came out for the b-day drinking extravaganza.

But today's sketch actually made me laugh. I have a new (and very cool) Final Fantasy Tactics wallpaper on my MacBook, so I thought I'd do a FFT inspired sketch today, to take a break from ninjas and girls in states of undress.
And I was pretty happy with the sketch, until I started drawing another character in the background. It wasn't until I was about to finish his figure structure that it looks like she's... well... greeting him. With her left hand. In a 'fun' fashion.
So I erased his body.
Can't have any unintentional handjobs if there's no body to, uh, job.

Anyway, good times. LOL This accidental (almost)porn is brought to you via the free version of ArtRage on my MacBook and my Bamboo tablet.

See you all tomorrow.

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