Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Service to the King

Well, as I promised. A period piece, inspired by our initial viewings of the Tudors. And yes, it is a little racy. Well, sort of. Mostly it's poorly rendered, but that's beside the point.

The show is fun. It takes place during a very entertaining time in european history, and is quite sexy so far. However, it still hasn't been able to top Rome. Don't get me wrong, The Tudors really is a great show, and we are only 2 episodes into the first season so far, but Rome was just awesome right out of the gate. Incredible drama, action, a very interesting cast of characters and sex.
The Tudors does deliver on all of these aspects in the first episode as well. But it's a little more diluted, as the cast of characters presented to the viewers at once is very large. But it's picking up and I'm sure by the end of the season I'll be fully in love with the show. Right now it's one of those crushes that's starting to build in intensity. But you're still not sure if it's going to last or fizzle out.
Either way, I can't wait to finish the show.

I managed to take a few moments today and get a sketch done for ya'll. It was done on my MacBook using the free version of ArtRage and my Bamboo tablet.

See you all tomorrow.

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