Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a finish!

Welcome back everyone, we've been treated to a spectacular fight this evening, but it looks like it may be coming to an end.

Tuesday Sketch took a series of unanswered blows after being hit with a monstrous knee strike that he was unable to recover from. And was taken to the mat.

It looks like Smith is moving into side control. He may be looking for a kimura...

Oh no. Tuesday Sketch tried to roll out of the side control and Smith has taken his back and locked in a deep rear naked choke! I think it's all over!

There's the Tap!

After a strong first round, Smith was able to submit the newcomer Tuesday Sketch! What a great performance and an example of the "never back down" attitude that these fighters need to have in order to last in this business.

After a break for the free version of ArtRage on Mac and the Bamboo tablet, we'll be back with an interview with the winner and our next fight of the evening.

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