Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Naihanchi Shodan

As you probably have gathered by now, yes, I have studied martial arts. And am more than slightly infatuated with them.

The style in which I am most familiar with is a branch of Karate, and as such I bring to you today's very quick sketch. It's a segment from the Naihanchi Shodan kata, found in multiple styles of Karate. A lot of the subtleties are different from style to style. But the core of the kata is the same no matter what school, or Ryu you are in.

It's a very dynamic kata, and there are lots of movements/techniques that I am still learning about. It's not as straight forward as you may think. There are some very interesting movements that make you really want to dissect what is going on to see if you can interpret what the kata is "actually" teaching you.

Anyway, it was done on my MacBook using the free version of ArtRage and my Bamboo tablet. Of course.

See you all tomorrow.

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