Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Strong First Round

Hey everyone, wasn't that an incredible first round! Tuesday Sketch came out strong and used an aggressive standing game. Multiple blows were landed before Smith even had a chance to react. Tuesday Sketch has incredible speed and accuracy.

Let's go to the tape and take a look at the punch that opened up a cut above Smith's eyebrow.

Ouch! Tuesday had an incredible set up with the low leg kick that opened up Smith's guard and took the punishment to him in spades.

Yeah, but Smith did show Tuesday Sketch that he's still a new comer to the Octagon. Smith landed some heavy body punches that had Tuesday Sketch reeling pretty badly. Smith may be slower than Tuesday Sketch, but he's got the experience, and power, to put a serious hurt on Tuesday Sketch in a bad way.

Good points. We'll see how the next round goes, but so far this is an exciting first round. Brought to you again by the free version of ArtRage on a MacBook and also by the Bamboo tablet.

Here comes round 2.

UPDATE: I've been trying to post this sketch since yesterday afternoon. And every time I do the wifi connection I happen to be on says no sketch for you. So I had to update it today. Sorry for the delay, but this time it wasn't my fault. Hope you enjoy part 2 in my ultimate sketch series. Look for part 3 later today.

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