Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 Minute Samurai, and An Optimistic Prediction

Hey there. Hi there. Ho there everyone. Hope you all had a good Thursday. I'm still at work, but had some down time so I decided to pump out not one, but two sketches today. I did the first one during my lunch break, and I decided to do a 2 minute sketch. Just get something down, quick like. And when I was finished I found that I had a samurai gearing up for a battle. Pretty cool.

The second sketch, while being another fast one, took a little longer that 2 minutes. And it's an optimistic (hopeful) prediction for the main event of UFC: 100 taking place this weekend.
Can you tell who I'm routing for?

Anyway, have a great night everyone and I'll see you back here for another Friday sketch.

Oyasumi nasai.

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