Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doing Some Catch Up

Hi everyone.

Hope you've all been well. I'm back for some updates to fill in 'some' of the holes.

First up are some sketches I did from my D&D game on Saturday. All three of the sketches were jokes that were tossed around during the game. The first one is of our Barbarian smoking some 'wacky tobaccy' out of a pipe made from a unicorn horn. We were trying to convince our Druid to summon a unicorn, so he could kill it and take it's horn. To make a pipe out of.

The second is of my character hanging from a ledge after being shot by arrows. We joked that my landing on the ledge should be the new cat from the "Hang in There" poster. So I sketched it.

The third is of my character, again, holding some magical healing water in his mouth for later as he didn't have a water skin to fill up.

The second page of sketching is a tribal female warrior I was inspired to draw while I was watching the somewhat lacking Disney animation Atlantis and looking at some Mononoke Hime drawings.

I've got a sketch started but will finish it up tonight. See you back here later.

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