Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's Day. Or, anti-colorblind people day.

Hey there everyone. Well, what can I say. I ate quite a bit of the 'father-in-law's' awesome corned beef and cabbage and topped the meal off with a cake made with Guiness. It must be St. Patty's day. So we, like most everyone else here who aren't 100% Irish, celebrated by eating a meal that was apparently created by the Jewish community in New York many years ago. Or so I learned on either Good Eats or No Reservations. I can't recall which to be honest.

Anyway, I returned home this evening to attempt to bust out a new sketch, only to find my Bamboo tablet being a punk B**** yet again. That, and the fact that it is now almost midnight has sucked my will to get a sketch done today.

So I'm going to retire for the evening, and will get a sketch (or maybe two) done tomorrow. Time permitting that is.

Oh, and I'm also really thinking about trying my hand at being a DM for my gaming group. I have a few ideas in mind for a quick adventure, but I still have a lot to read up on if I am to take the mantle of DM.

Good night everyone.

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