Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some more work, but not a finished product yet

Hi everyone. Welcome back for the real Wednesday edition of sketch-a-day.

I'm continuing my work on a sketch of Chie from the game Persona 4 on the PS2. This may be the first fan sketch I've done of a game I have never played.
While skimming through an image search while looking for a wallpaper, I stumbled on some that were made for the game Persona 4. I also remember reading on Kotaku that they will probably be working on the next installment of the series and a lot of people were rather excited over this news. And the drawing used in the post was pretty nifty too. So I did a search for it on YouTube and have been watching a playthrough of the game (in many small parts) during my lunch breaks. I can honestly say this game looks amazing. Even for a PS2 game. The user interface is stunning. The character designs are pretty cool too. And the story is really neat.
Maybe one day I'll have to find a used copy of the game and actually play it.

Anyway, I thought the character Chie was pretty interesting and thought I'd try my hand at drawing her. Yesterday I roughed out a pose, and when I started looking at it today I realized that I didn't like the upper portion of her pose at all. So I refined it a bit today and continued my work on it. I plan on using a nifty new trick I learned on her skirt, so I'm looking forward to finishing it up tomorrow.

See you all back here then. Enjoy.

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