Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just not my night

Good evening everyone.

What can I say, tonight has not been especially productive when it comes to using technology. Which is incredibly frustrating as I really needed to use it to take care of some business tonight. I was to take a class online this evening, and due to a browser/internet hiccup I was prevented from completing my registration and their support number was unavailable to help me at the time so they will be calling me back tomorrow to sort out the problem.

Fail. Part 1.

After getting duly miffed, I decided to sit down and start working on my sketch for today some more. I was able to get some cleaner lines down over the rough layout that I sketched earlier today. However, before I could refine it much more or add any colors to the image my Bamboo decided that it didn't want to communicate with my MacBook any more. I'm at a loss.

Fail. Part 2.

So I just threw a light green background color on the image and decided to post images for both the rough and the cleaner lines over top of it. Hope you all like the sketch. Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to see if I can find a new USB cable for the Bamboo tablet on Amazon.

Good night everyone.

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